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Tagawa City

Hikosan River

The Hikosan River is the site of the "Kawawatari Shinko Festival" held every year on the third Saturday in May and the following day at Fuji Hachimangu Shrine, one of the five major festivals in Fukuoka Prefecture and designated as Intangible Folk Cultural Asset No. 1 by Fukuoka Prefecture.
The festival began during the Eiroku period (1558-1570), when an epidemic broke out in the village of Ita, and people prayed to the shrine, the local deity, for an end to the epidemic, and the shrine was dedicated to the people in return for their prayers.

Recommended month/time of day

4 minutes walk from Tagawa-Ida Station on the JR Hitahikosan Line. 30 minutes by car from Yawata IC on the Kyushu Expressway. Parking lot: Approximately 70 spaces

Nearby tourist attractions

Fuji Hachimangu Shrine (270m)
Coal Memorial Park (700m)
Tagawa City Community Pool (2.2km)

Nearby event information

Kasuga Shrine Shinko Festival (around May)
TAGAWA Coalmine Festival - Coalmine Festival (around November)

Gourmet, special product, etc.

Tagawa Hormone Pot
Tagawa Pure Paprika
Black Diamond

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